Shutters, Blinds & Shades

The window covering solution for your home may be blinds, shades or shutters or a combination.  There are diverse features and price points in these product groups.  It really is important to consider form and function!  We like to start with the function first as the right product with the right features is key to outstanding performance and your long-term satisfaction.  The product must look great with your home’s décor and that’s the form we are searching for.

Blinds can be made out of different materials, including woods, polymers and metals.  Blinds have slats (or vanes) which can be tilted (or rotated) to direct heat and light then closed for privacy and protection or lifted (or traversed) open for a clear window.

Shades can be rolling or folding and are for those people that prefer a tailored and soft approach using woven and non-woven fabrics.  Traditionally, shades open up for a clear view or close down for privacy and light control.  For more flexibility with your shades, add top down bottom up feature!

Shutters are a classic beauty with a structural, yet artistic nature.  They offer exceptional insulation and protection and are easy to maintain.  Shutters are the upper price point, but they do increase the real value of your home!

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