About Us

This is how we started.

A different beginning, but true. I studied to be an accountant, originally.

In 1975, I moved forward from a family focused business of making custom waterbed sheets to making custom bedding ensembles. One day a fabric manufacturer suggested to me that we consider doing custom draperies also. So, I decided to have an interior designer come to help me with my home and I was so impressed with the outcome. I realized then that interior design was being able to guide with a whole home vision and was an important qualification to have when assisting clients.

I took that advice to add custom draperies to my business. No with much training and experience, we have added custom blinds, shades, motorization, and shutters. We have assisted our clients with their personal homes and business offices and hotels including Holiday Inn and Hyatt.

My personal philosophy is to not make price an issue with custom products. I have seen clients making mistakes because they are overly focused on the price. I believe the real key is the right product. My goal is to develop an understanding of how my client wants the product to function, to look and their budget. This is because I truly want my clients to use and enjoy their custom products for years to come.

Best feeling for us is still to provide the right product and see our clients be really happy!

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