PowerView® Motorization

Motorization is an innovative new system that automatically moves your shades.  Motors are battery powered or plug in (to a wall outlet) or wired in by an electrician to your home’s electricity.

BWC Interiors | PowerView® Motorization
BWC Interiors | PowerView® Motorization
BWC Interiors | Custom Drapery
BWC Interiors | Custom Drapery

Custom Drapery

One of the most important characteristics of services is the participation of the customer in the service delivery process. A customer has the opportunity to get the services modified according to specific requirement.

Blinds, Shades & Shutters

Blinds can be made out of different materials, including woods, polymers and metals.  Blinds have slats (or vanes) which can be tilted (or rotated) to direct heat and light then closed for privacy and protection or lifted (or traversed) open for a clear window.

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BWC Interiors | Shades
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